MSME Registration

MSME (SSI) Registration Online stands for micro, Small and medium enterprises and any enterprises falls under these three categories. MSME (SSI) Registration Online is an optional registration which is covered by the MSMED Act. MSME (SSI) registration online is done to access various benefits and subsidies provided by the Government. Categories of enterprise are. Read More

  • The investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs.25 lakhs (Rupees twenty five lakhs only).
  • The investment in plant and machinery is more than twenty five lakh rupees but does not exceed rupees 5 crores (Rupees five crores only).
  • The investment in plant and machinery is more than rupees 5 crores but not exceeding Rs.10 crores (Rupees ten crores only).
  • The investment in equipment does not exceed rupees 10 lakhs.
  • The investment in equipment is more than 10 (Ten lakh rupees) but does not exceeds rupees 2 crores.
  • The investment in equipment is more than rupees 2 crores but does not exceed rupees 5 crores.
  • NEEDS (New Enterprise Cum Enterprise Development Scheme).
  • UYEGP (Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Program).
  • PMEGP (Prime Minister Employment Generation Program).
  • SWS(Single Window System).
  • Financial Assistance from banks without any collateral
  • MSME (SSI) registration enjoys subsidies various subsidies offered by government (i.e. procuring of assets, ISO certification etc.).
  • Protection against delay in payment from Buyers and right of interest on delayed payment.
  • Statutory support such as reservation and the Interest on Delayed Payments Act.
  • Excise Exemption Scheme.
  • Exemption under Direct Tax Laws.
  • Register with NSIC.
  • Subsidies for NSIC performance and credit ratings.
  • Reduction in rate of interest from banks (subjected to ratings).
  • Preference in Government procuring tenders.
  • Waiver in Earnest Money (Security Deposit) in Govt tenders.
  • Stamp duty and Octroi benefits.


To be classified as a MSME (SSI) Registration Online, Enterprises in the Manufacturing sector need to have less than Rs.10 crores of investment in plant & machinery; service Enterprises must have an investment of less than Rs.5 crores of investment in plant & machinery.


MSME (SSI) Registration Online is first provided as a Provisional Registration Certificate with a validity of 5 years. Once, the unit has commenced production, a Permanent Registration Certificate is issued which is valid for lifetime of the entity.


To obtain MSME (SSI) Registration Online, proof of address of business, proof of identity of the promoters and constitution of the business [Partnership deed, Incorporation Certificate, etc.,] is required. Additional documents may be required based on the State in which the MSME Registration is sought.